Covid-19: drug shows promise in reducing viral load


In the past week, a Spanish drug has proven capable of totally reducing the viral load of the new coronavirus. Controlled experiments on mice, in an attempt to reduce the impact of the virus on their lungs, have shown promising results and reduced the viral load of Sars-CoV-2.

Two different animals infected with the new Coronavirus had 99% of the viral load reduced in their lungs when treated with controlled amounts of the compound. The drug’s efficiency is achieved by blocking the human protein eEF1A, the same used by Sars-CoV-2 for reproduction and proliferation within the body.

Pharmaceutical company PharmaMar released the encouraging results alongside a news item from the newspaper El País, which goes into greater detail about the study done with the drug – which has the potential to be a good treatment for covid-19.

According to the newspaper, of the 47 drugs tested, the antiviral showed between nine and 85 times greater effectiveness in containing the multiplication of the Coronavirus.

With the positive results, the laboratory encourages the compound to be evaluated in further clinical trials. “Our results and positive data from PharmaMar clinical trials suggest that we should prioritize more tests with the drug for the treatment of covid-19.”, Conclude the study authors.

The full study, as well as more detailed information about the antiviral, is provided in the study published in the scientific journal Science.

The name of the medicine was deliberately hidden to avoid self-medication and rush to pharmacies. Officials argue that the compound should be evaluated in more advanced laboratory tests, perhaps also in humans. Until further studies are published and the drug’s effectiveness is approved, doctors and patients should not prescribe or use the compound to treat the infection.


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