Covid-19: Deaths In Brazil In 2021 Exceed 2020 ENTIRE


Covid-19: Transmitted by G1 on Sunday (25), the news saddens, but the prospect frightens everyone: in just 113 days this year, more Brazilians died of covid-19 than in all 289 pandemic days last year. There are now 195,949 deaths, compared to 194,976 in 2020. Altogether, the macabre accounting shows 14,339,412 cases and 390,925 deaths, according to the media consortium.

The data obtained until 8 pm on Sunday, April 25, showed 1,316 deaths in the previous 24 hours. As a result, this month of April, still unfinished, became the most lethal in the history of the covid-19 pandemic in Brazil.

Pandemic rejuvenates

The moving average of deaths in the country in the last seven days reached 2,498, a variation of -20% compared to the average of 14 days ago. This downward trend, which follows the enactment of restrictive measures in several cities in Brazil, was the largest since November 11, when the moving average of deaths fell by -27%.

If, on the one hand, the reduction in the moving average can be indicative of successful strategies, on the other, the rapid evolution of the disease that occurred in the past month, with the appearance of more lethal variants, continues to feed the lethal statistics. Yesterday 95 days in a row were completed in Brazil with a moving average of deaths above 1,000, and 40 days with that average higher than the 2,000 Brazilians killed per day.

Another worrying factor is the “pandemic rejuvenation” process. According to a bulletin released last week by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), while in the first epidemiological week of 2021 the average age of hospitalized by covid-19 in Brazil was 62.35 years, in the most recent sample (14th week), the average age dropped to 57.68. In deaths, the average age decreased from 71.56 to 64.62.


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