COVID-19: Coronavirus vaccine registered by Russia


At the beginning of July we announced that Russia was in an accelerated development of its vaccine and now we have great news about the vaccine that has caused a lot of controversy due to its development, since several authorities around the world are criticizing the posture of the Russian government that has released information about studies or scientific data from it.

To refute these theories, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, announced today that one of his daughters has already received two doses of the vaccine called “Sputnik V” and has developed a large amount of antibodies in his body, characterizing immunity to the coronavirus.

On the other hand, scientists criticize the president’s stance, saying that it is very risky to use an immunization before the tests are completed in Phase 3. Even so, Putin says that the vaccine is effective and has passed all the necessary tests.

It may seem confusing, but the point is that, according to the World Health Organization, the Russian vaccine was still in the first of three phases of testing, which began on June 18 and takes months to complete.

Mass production of Sputnik V is expected to start in September and application in October, first on health professionals and then on the rest of the population on a voluntary basis.

Production in Brazil

After the Russian government announced the registration of immunization against the coronavirus, the Brazilian government manifested itself. Eduardo Pazuello, interim Minister of Health announced that Brazil will support any vaccine that has proven to be effective.

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Shortly after the announcement by the Ministry of Health, Kirill Dmitriev, who is head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, said that the vaccine should also be produced in Brazil with manufacturing starting in November, provided that it obtains the necessary government approvals.

Dmitriev also says he has already received a dose of the new vaccine and Russia already has orders from more than 20 countries that add up to a total of 1 billion doses of immunization registered today by the government. He says the vaccine is safe and has had no side effects during testing.


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