COVID-19 Causes Fatal Damage to Children’s Heart


It turned out that MIS-C, which started to show up after a few weeks in children caught with COVID-19, could cause fatal damage to the heart. The extent to which the disease will affect in the long term is not known for now.

According to research published in an academic journal called The Lancet recently, COVID-19 can cause multiple system inflammation syndrome (MIS-C) in children. Moreover, according to Alvaro Moreira from Texas Health Sciences Center University, MIS-C can occur 3-4 weeks after the virus is infected, even in asymptomatic cases.

Stating that COVID-19 does not need to show the usual upper respiratory tract symptoms for MIS-C to occur in children, Dr. “Children may have no symptoms, no one realizes they are sick, and after a few weeks, excessive inflammation may develop in the body,” Moreira said. said.

“MIS-C, a new childhood disease associated with SARS-COV-2”

“This is a new childhood illness we believe is associated with SARS-COV-2.” said Dr. Moreira said the disease can be fatal as it attacks multiple organs simultaneously; He stated that even physicians will have difficulty in detecting the disease at first, as it may occur in the heart, lung, gastrointestinal system or neurological system.

Stating that the inflammation rate in MIS-C is much higher compared to Kawasaki and toxic shock syndrome, Dr. However, Moreira said that it is a great chance that immunoglobulin and glucocorticosteroids, which are also used in the treatment of Kawasaki disease in the treatment of MIS-C, are effective.

Symptoms in MIS-C are more pronounced compared to COVID-19

Making statements about patients with MIS-C, Dr. While MIS-C is seen in a very small percentage of children who are infected with COVID-19, Moreira stated that the vast majority of children with MIS-C also have different medical conditions such as obesity.

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However; We can say that the symptoms in MIS-C are much higher compared to COVID-19. Because Dr. Troponin, an indicator used to diagnose heart attacks in adults, can be 50 times higher than the normal level in children with MIS-C, according to Moreira.

“Our research shows that MIS-C can cause potential tissue damage in the heart.” said Dr. To see the long-term effects of the disease, Moreira said that children should be closely monitored.


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