Covid-19 break record cases in the USA


On four consecutive days, the United States recorded a record increase in cases of covid-19 – the country had already beaten the hundred thousand infected in a single day last Wednesday (4). On Thursday, almost 122,000 new cases were reported; the next day, a new record: more than 126,000 infected people were reported – a mark surpassed on Saturday, with more than 126,000 records.

The United States tops the list of nations with the most cases of the disease; according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the world today registers 50,030,121 infected and 1,252,072 killed by the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

The pandemic continues to advance across the country, now reaching rural areas of Florida and Texas. The state of Illinois alone recorded almost 12,000 new cases, beating more populous states like California and New York.

“The virus left risky age groups and spread to all age groups,” Northwestern University epidemiologist Jaline Gerardin told The Washington Post.

New Year’s Eve with 300 thousand cases daily
For epidemiologist Ali Mokdad, from the University of Washington, without a real strategy to contain the virus, daily cases will reach more than 300 thousand by the end of the year; if the restrictions are relaxed, the number should jump to 686,000 infected people per day.

“The models show that the use of masks and other disease prevention actions can reduce this number to 172 thousand. With current infection rates, there is only a short time left to avoid overloading the country’s hospital system, ”said Mokdad.

President-elect Jose Biden has promised an aggressive program to combat the disease, with mass testing and screening for those infected. The new government takes office on January 20.

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