Covid-19: Brazil records average of disease cases


The data on covid-19 released by the state health secretariats and consolidated by the consortium of press vehicles until last Saturday night (19) revealed yet another worrying data about the pandemic: Brazil recorded the highest moving average of confirmed cases in the disease since the beginning of the spread.

In the last seven days, an average of 47,439 new cases of covid-10 per day were diagnosed in the country. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 7,212,670 Brazilians have been or are infected with the coronavirus, with 48,758 new cases on the last day reported. The variation of the moving average rose 15% in relation to the cases recorded in two weeks, with a trend of stability in the diagnoses.

On Saturday (19), Brazil recorded 678 deaths from covid-19, reaching a total of 186,365 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. These figures raise the moving average of deaths in Brazil in the last seven days to 746. This variation, from + 27% in relation to the average of the previous 14 days, means an upward trend in deaths from the disease.

Decreases social isolation in Brazil

According to a survey carried out by the Datafolha institute, published by the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, the number of people in social isolation in Brazil fell in December, to the lowest level since April, when the institute started making this measurement.

In the survey carried out in December, 7% of Brazilians interviewed said that they are living normally, without changing anything in their routine, and 54% said they are taking care, but leave home to work or perform other activities. The numbers registered on April 3, at the beginning of the pandemic, were much lower: 4% and 24% respectively.

Those who declared themselves completely isolated in December were 5% of respondents. On April 17, that number was 21%.


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