Covid-19: Brazil could be vaccinated in clinics in March


Who is also participating in the race for the vaccine against the new coronavirus is the Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech, with the immunizer Covaxin, and the Brazilian Association of Vaccine Clinics (ABCVAC) is already eyeing the substance. This Sunday (4), the entity announced that it is negotiating the purchase of 5 million doses of the solution for distribution by private clinics of 200 associates – which, according to her, represent 70% of the national market.

In the third and final phase of testing, the expectation is that, in the best of scenarios, the application will start from the second half of March 2021, and clinical studies carried out until then revealed both the absence of serious side effects and the production of antibodies to covid-19.

According to a note from Anvisa, there are, in principle, no impediments to the request for emergency use by private institutions, just for that, specific procedures are followed. The prices charged to the consumer, in turn, are not defined.

“We are already looking for ways out of the private market and the possibility of this Indian vaccine has emerged, which is very promising. As the whole market was already committed to the government’s demands – correctly, because I think it has to be a priority -, people tried an alternative way “, Geraldo Barbosa, president of ABCVAC, tells G1.

Necessary care

A memorandum of expression of purchase interest has already been signed, Barbosa points out, and representatives of ABCVAC will depart this Monday (4th) for the Asian country to visit the laboratory and learn about its production capacity. “We are taking every precaution to overcome all the sanitary barriers that are mandatory. So, we do not want to create a very high expectation, but, yes, we will have a vaccine for the private market according to the prospects”, stresses the president.

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Although data on Covaxin had been in the process of continuous submission to Anvisa for about 40 days, the agency clarified that there was nothing in progress, as the documents filed would have been mistaken and did not result in analysis.

Even so, the institution points out, it is available to provide clarifications to company representatives in Brazil and in contact with the Indian health authority.

The Ministry of Health, in turn, advises, in the event of eventual approval, the need for effective traceability and respect for priority groups proposed by the Ministry of Health in partnership with Conass and Conasems.

“It is important to consider the complexity of a vaccine and the need for strict monitoring, as well as the health responsibilities of a company when making a biological product available to the Brazilian population”, declares Anvisa.


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