COVID-19 bans in level 4 in Victoria, Australia


The current restrictions were raised to level 4, and “disaster situation” was declared in Victoria, Australia, after 671 people were caught COVID-19 in one day and 7 people died of the virus.

In the last 24 hours in Victoria, Australia, 671 people were caught with new types of coronavirus (COVID-19) and 7 people died from the virus, and the current restrictions were raised to level 4 and declared “disaster situation”.

Victoria State Prime Minister Daniel Andrews made a statement at the press conference in the state’s capital, Melbourne, about casualties from COVID-19, new cases and measures taken.

Stating that 7 more people died in the state where the most casualties and new cases increased in Australia, Andrews said that 671 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

Andrews has announced that they have declared a “disaster situation” in the state of Victoria, announcing that despite the precautions they have taken, they have decided to raise the current level 3 ban and restrictions to the fourth level, both due to the loss of life and the increase in new cases.

Weddings are forbidden from Thursday

Under the new COVID-19 measures, the “disaster situation” in Victoria, which gave exceptional powers to the police to oversee the rules, came into effect from 18.00.

In Melbourne, a curfew will be applied between 20.00-05.00.

According to the new regulations within the framework of the restrictions and restrictions in the 4th category, exercise outside is limited to 1 hour per day, only 1 person per household will be able to shop within 5 kilometers of their home.

All students will continue distance education starting Wednesday. Public transport will be restricted at night. Weddings will be banned from Thursday. Funerals will be held with the participation of 10 people and 10 people from the family will be able to leave Melbourne for the funeral. Cafes and restaurants will be open to takeaway.

Medical visits, oil stations, markets that sell basic food will remain open, and the sectors in which sectors to close will be announced tomorrow, while home visits are prohibited, except for care services for those in need.

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It is recommended to wear a mask in Sydney

New South Wales State Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian recommended wearing a mask in the state where 12 new cases were registered.

Emphasizing that the emerging situation in the state of Victoria threatens their state and is critical for the next few weeks, Berejiklian said that he strongly recommends wearing masks in public transport, as well as in places where people come together, such as shopping malls, mosques, churches.

Virus loss to 208 in Australia

With the continuing increase in COVID-19 cases in Victoria and New South Wales in recent weeks, the number of people caught virus has increased to 17 thousand 920 and the number of active cases increased to 7 206.

While 9 thousand 980 Australians recovered after being diagnosed with COVID-19, 7 more deaths in Melbourne increased the number of those who died in Australia to 208.

3 new cases recorded in New Zealand

In the statement made by the Ministry of Health of New Zealand, it was reported that in the last 24 hours, 2 thousand 401 people were tested, and 3 more people who returned to the country were found COVID-19.

Sharing the information that the total number of active cases in the country has increased to 25 with all new cases and that all cases have been kept in quarantine in hotels, the hospitals stated that there are no COVID-19 patients.

In New Zealand, which managed to reset the spread of the virus in the community with the tight measures it took and 22 cases of COVID-19 have not been observed in the community for 22 days, 22 of the 1565 people who had the virus died.


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