Covid-19: Advances In Vaccination Brought Safety To The Population


Covid-19: With the late, but steady process of vaccination of the Brazilian population against covid-19, the gradual resumption of activities has been taking place in all regions of the country. A question many ask – what was learned during the pandemic? – was adopted by Pfizer Brasil and SBIm (Brazilian Society of Immunizations), which commissioned a survey to Ipec (Intelligence in Research and Consulting). The results were released on Thursday (11).

Called “Vaccine. TAKE TO RESUME”, the survey used an online questionnaire, which was answered by 2,000 Internet users aged 16 or over, during October 19 and 29, 2021, in all regions of Brazil. Parallel to the study, a campaign of the same name created by the North American pharmaceutical company presented the Bandeira da Retomada, a work by plastic artist Didu Losso, to symbolize the hope and optimism of vaccinated Brazilians.

Main results of the survey “Vaccine. TAKE to RESUME”

The most important result raised by the research was the feeling of security generated by the increase in the immunization rate. 75% of respondents said they felt very safe or secure, against 20% insecure or very insecure. However, concern about a new wave of covid-19 is real, and it haunts 86% of respondents, who are little or very afraid that it could happen.

About the feelings generated by the expansion of the immunization campaign in Brazil, hope was cited in first place, with 29%. Optimism comes next, with 24%; and relief comes next, with 16%.

Understanding the importance of the vaccine, most respondents say they encouraged other people to get immunized, such as their family (85%), friends (61%), co-workers (38%) and neighbors (36%). This question allowed for more than one answer.

Among the lessons learned during the pandemic, 64% of Internet users agree that the population is more aware of health and hygiene habits to prevent diseases. Of these, some should be maintained, even after the end of the global epidemic, such as using alcohol gel (58%), washing hands when arriving from the street (55%), using masks even if occasionally (40%), and social distancing/avoiding unnecessary physical contact (31%).

Another very important question – updating the vaccination portfolio – was answered positively: 91% of respondents intend to check their portfolio to see if there is a need for other recommended vaccines, with the flu vaccine being the most mentioned.