Coverage: What everyday objects we love say about us!


The confinement almost allowed us to fetishize some of our everyday objects. These therefore have a very special meaning.

As we find ourselves in lockdown again, some items have become iconic. So we can’t do without it. They even say a lot about us.

How many items do we accumulate with containment? Between the masks, the bottles of gel, the Nintendo Switch… A lot of must have in short.

As explained in a column on France Info, “any object, if you study it correctly, all of society comes with it”. A quote from linguist Haudricourt that speaks volumes.

We can say that it really makes sense in this very special time for all of us. What is true is that the quarantine items are symptomatic of the pandemic we are experiencing.

Thus, the containment gave rise to a small short list of iconic objects. Starting with the mask, which clearly reflects the anxiety-provoking side of this pandemic.

One of the objects that comes up most often is of course the certificate. This also goes hand in hand with the hand gel, which is a kind of “pass”, as said in the gallery.


The jogging that we hardly change during confinement, just like Agathe Auproux also translates something. The fact of course that we let ourselves go.

Some, at the foot of the bed, put on a simple shirt and keep the jogging pants on. After all, they are not going to run into anyone, except their colleagues in a Zoom meeting!

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Everything that has to do with alcohol, board games, Blanc Manger Coco or Loup Garou cards, allow us to escape for a while. Just like the Switch!

The window is also a door open to the outside and an escape route from the anxiety-provoking nature of the news on TV. Containment has changed our relationship to the world!


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