Coverage: Gourmet idea to enrich your breakfast!


As we find ourselves in lockdown again, some have time to cook. What could be better than preparing your breakfast?

Confinement gives us greedy ideas, after all … Although we are even outside this period. Here are some suggestions for a king’s breakfast!

Confinement or not, the breakfast is not really unanimous. Some will say it is the most important meal, others will not.

However, whatever the many articles may say about it, there is nothing wrong with having fun. While some may not be keen on it, it’s a bit of a recipe for everyone.

Yep, a lot of us have a bird’s appetite in the morning and don’t eat anything. Still others, like the one writing these lines, love brunches of all kinds!

Sweet, salty, confinement turns out to be very greedy for some. Yes, this moment allows you to start the day well and to put you in a good mood when you wake up.

If, like me, you tend to get up on your left foot, eating may be a comfort. Especially when the confinement gets too depressing.


Before your remote coworking session, or your morning Zoom meeting, why not opt ​​for a good bowl of granola?

Especially since it is easy to make at home: a little oatmeal, chocolate, seeds of all kinds. If you like to do everything at the last minute: the safe option remains the porridge.

Then add a liquid sweetener like honey or maple syrup. Then, mashed banana, a great binder, and oilseed puree!

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The confinement allowed some to improve on the recipe for pancakes or waffles. Add some protein powder to yours and you will have a hearty and nutritious meal!

Be careful though, oilseeds can quickly prove to be inflammatory. Be careful not to overdo it, unlike everything you are told about it.

French toast is also a good recipe that requires only stale bread, a little milk and sugar, possibly an egg. We dip our toast and pan fry: a treat.

Confinement or not, breakfast or not, some prefer salty. We like avocado toasts in the morning

Nothing could be simpler: a little crumbled tofu (the best is to mix firm tofu and silky tofu), salt, pepper, smoked paprika, a little soy yogurt and you fry it all!…


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