Coverage: Are video games a cure for our mental health?


In these complicated times of confinement, it seems that video games are a very good remedy to preserve our mental health!

This year 2020 will not have spared us. Since the arrival of Covid-19, everything seems to be going wrong. France is also in its second confinement. But to put this situation into perspective, video games are a very good remedy.

Researchers at the University of Oxford (United States) have worked on the subject. They say that playing video games is a calming effect. And this is surely the very good news of the day during this period of confinement.

Initially, researchers carried out studies on popular video games of the moment. During the 1st containment, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” was a hit on the Nintendo Switch. This is also the case with “Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville”.

Researchers interviewed 2,756 Animal Crossing players. And 518 from Plants vs. Zombies. And the result did not fail to surprise them. If games are seen as addicting, this time around they can be good.


Indeed, the researchers revealed on the flagship games of containment: “Contrary to widespread fears that too much time spent playing leads to addiction. And to affected mental health. We found a small correlation between play. And well-being ”.

It may well be that these two video games have managed to seduce fans with one detail. This is the online connection. Indeed, Animal Crossing but also Plants vs. Zombies offer this possibility.

The authors of this study also added: “Our results support the idea that online games offer a satisfactory alternative to dating. Face to face in this exceptional period ”.

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Tetris, for example, also helps fight anxiety. Conversely, some video games cause stress. So be careful with the games you choose!


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