Courteney Cox finds his savior from yesterday, an amazing moment!


Stars and paparazzi are not always the best friends in the world, far from it, but it happens that some beautiful stories are written between them. Courteney Cox probably did not think she would ever feel so grateful to one of the photographers who follows her on the street!

This photographer may not have managed to make his best pictures of Courteney Cox, but he did better: he got the absolute recognition of the actress!

The unusual scene, reported by and illustrated by a video, took place on the evening of Thursday, November 21, 2019 in Santa Monica. As she was leaving a dinner at Giorgio Baldi’s, a popular celebrity table whose perks are constantly being watched by reporters, the 55-year-old American actress has come face-to-face with her hero of the day before. She recognized him and the exchange that took place was very warm: and for good reason, the man in question had saved his beloved dogs.

On Wednesday, November 20, Courteney Cox had been frightened when her two dogs, Cavalier King Charles (she already had time with her marriage to David Arquette, whom she divorced in 2013), had escaped from her property. from Malibu and ended up on the Pacific Coast Highway, California’s famous high-speed coastal lane. Suffice to say that the life expectancy of his companions, in the intense traffic, was very limited … In panic, she had even launched in their pursuit calling them, without success! It took the saving intervention of a paparazzo who was passing by so that the story ends well: the man parked his vehicle on the roadside and managed to catch the two dogs before a tragedy occurred. occurs. He then returned them to their mistress, extremely relieved, who did not stop to thank him for saving their lives – all filmed by a camera on board his car. The family of Michel Fugain, whose dog was overthrown by a car right in front of his residence in Corsica, would have probably liked to be able to count on such a good soul.

The reunion between the unforgettable Monica of the series Friends and her good Samaritan, the next evening, were very nice. After recognizing him as he asked her about his dogs, Courteney Cox, in a gesture that could be seen as a handshake, discreetly slips a reward, saying “I want to give you that”. She then asks him if he wants to take a picture, but the photographer declines, meaning that he was not expecting anything for his disinterested gesture. The actress, who has obviously seen the story of the previous day appear in the media, then inquires how he was able to film the scene. After getting her answer to this mystery, she disappears, not without thanking him wholeheartedly again.


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