Court Orders YouTuber To Step Away From Roblox


Roblox: A US court in Oakland, California has ordered YouTuber Benjamin “Ruben Sim” Simon to distance himself from Roblox. In his channel totally focused on the game, the boy has about 849 thousand subscribers.

Despite being banned from the game for years, the controversial content creator constantly found ways to return, bypassing the platform’s ban system.

In November last year, Roblox Corporation filed a lawsuit accusing the boy of attacking its players and employees for years, in addition to alleged attempts to upload a semi-nude selfie, photos of Hitler and also a game mode. involving sex.

Initially, the producer asked for US$ 1.6 million in damages, but agreed to receive a payment of “only” US$ 150,000. In addition to paying the fine, following the court ruling, Ruben Sim agreed to:

stop making false statements about Roblox;
stop encouraging violence against company employees and offices;
not approach the producer’s office;
not to create videos that encourage or praise the violation of game rules or access to the platform after banishment.
Additionally, the content creator must commit to removing all videos currently available on their channel that go directly against the court’s decision.

When contacted by the North American website Polygon, Ruben Sim declined to comment on the matter. He limited himself to saying that his response will be sent to his YouTube channel “in the coming months”. Roblox Corporation has not even responded to the portal’s request.