Court brake on Trump’s TikTok ban


The implementation of the US President Donald Trump’s ban on TikTok was stuck in court. The court temporarily suspended its decision to prevent TikTok from being downloaded to mobile devices in the US. This means that TikTok can continue to be downloaded to iOS and Android devices in the USA.

In this process, the court will evaluate the legitimacy of the ban decision. Whether TikTok poses a national security threat as claimed by the White House will be scrutinized.

Just before the ban came into effect, US District Judge Carl Nichols suspended the implementation of the ban in line with an application from ByteDance, owner of TikTok. The court did not accept the suspension of the extra restrictions that would cause TikTok to become completely unusable in the US from November 12th.

The statement made by the US Department of Commerce on the subject includes the following statements: “Our government will comply with the cautionary decision and the necessary steps will be taken immediately. However, the presidential decision and the minister’s implementation efforts will continue to be strongly defended.

TikTok, on the other hand, underlined that it will continue the dialogue with the government. In the statement, it was also reminded that Trump approved in principle the agreement TikTok made with Oracle and Walmart. The company also underlined that it will continue to defend its rights for its customers and employees.

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