Courses To Optimize The Use Of Google Tools And Documents


Google is the biggest search engine on the internet, used by more than 90% of users, but the package of services that the company offers goes far beyond that. Whether through Google documents (which is basically a free office package), or a space to store and share your files (such as Google Drive for computers and smartphones), Google’s services have already conquered the world of companies, colleges and entrepreneurs.

With all the tools’ popularity and ease of use, it’s worth taking the time to learn the features they offer. That’s why we’ve separated 5 Udemy courses to take you from basic to advanced in Google tools. Check out:

Google Tools to Increase Your Online Productivity
This course introduces you to Google tools that will help you better organize your work and show you more results. You will learn from how to organize your contacts, manage your schedule, store your files, to how to use spreadsheets and communication and video tools.

The course is aimed at professionals who work remotely, as well as entrepreneurs and managers who want to professionalize their business.

Google Office: Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets

Much like an office suite course, this option is ideal for anyone who needs or wants to learn how to use one of Google’s most useful collaborative tools, this course is a great investment. You’ll learn to use your text documents smarter, being able to convert audio to text and create translations and bibliographic references quickly.

The course also teaches you how to make presentations much more interesting, starting with tips on how to organize and structure a slideshow. In addition to techniques and tools to present information, results and reports in a comprehensive and beautiful way.

Finally, the course also introduces the Google spreadsheet tool, teaching the most used formulas and tools.


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