Courage in the “Battle Royale in the Wild West” is one letter less than being honest


A new Wild West battle royale style shooter called “Grit” is officially bringing NFT to the Epic Games Store, for better or for worse. Non—interchangeable tokens are a form of digital financial security that uses blockchain data to record ownership of a specific image or virtual item. NFTs started making headlines late last year, and many video game developers and publishers tried to jump in the van by embedding them in games. While Steam has removed games with NFT or Crypto content, Epic Games Store will now welcome them with Grit.

When NFT began to penetrate the gaming industry last year, many players were immediately skeptical of this concept. There was a negative reaction, and many criticized NFT as a quick way to get money that serves to earn money by the developer at the expense of the player. Concerns have also been raised about the harmful effects of NFT on the environment, and this trend has led to countless scams and thefts. Last year, publishers such as Ubisoft and Square Enix showed interest in NFT and blockchains, but it seems that the negative reaction to this trend has changed their tone. Fan reactions, such as the controversy over Ubisoft’s Quartz NFT announcement, seem to have slowed or halted most plans to integrate NFT cryptography into video games.

Despite the decline in NFT discussions, Team Grit developers recently introduced a Wild West-themed NFT battle royale called Grit. The third-person shooter, which will soon appear in the Epic Games Store, will allow players to explore the American borders on horseback and participate in deadly multiplayer shootouts. However, the most notable aspect of Grit is the implementation of non-interchangeable tokens. The title will feature more than 10,000 completely unique skins stored in the Ethereum blockchain, which players can purchase and store outside the game or resell at will. Although Epic Games feared fraud with NFT back in September 2021, it seems that now the publisher is fully using the cryptocurrency system.

Grit — shooter in the genre of “battle royale” All about NFT

NFTs are finally appearing in the Epic Games Store, but Grit looks like an extremely suspicious first attempt to implement this concept. The title claims that players can get more than 10,000 different skins, but the game itself looks extremely simplified and derivative. Grit’s gameplay looks like a cartoon version of Red Dead Redemption, which lacks the realism and depth of the Rockstar Games series. The Battle royale shooter also resembles the gameplay and art style of Fortnite, but Team Grit has not yet described in detail the gameplay of the shooter in the battle royale genre. In general, Grit seems to be nothing more than a platform for selling cryptocurrencies, which confirms the suspicions of many players about the negative impact of NFT on the environment.

Theoretically, a video game with NFT can create a unique experience when players own unique equipment that sets them apart from other players. However, Grit doesn’t seem to be able to provide such an experience. Instead, the upcoming game offers a boring gameplay that serves as a simple cryptocurrency trading platform. Epic Games has previously dismissed NFT as a scam, and perhaps the gaming giant should re-analyze Grit with this idea in mind.