Coup uses SUS vaccine record to clone WhatsApp account


WhatsApp: With the advance of vaccination against covid-19 and the eagerness of many people to get immunized soon, scammers have taken advantage of the moment to steal data. With the information in hand, they clone WhatsApp and ask for money for the victims’ contacts.

Several reports of scams of this type have emerged lately. In one of the most recent, reported by R7 this Tuesday (6), a resident of Belo Horizonte (MG) received messages allegedly sent by the Unified Health System (SUS), requesting the update of registration to receive the vaccine against the new coronavirus.

In the text, a fake SUS employee asked for confirmation of the first six numbers of a security protocol that would be sent to her. But, in fact, the scammer wanted the WhatsApp verification code, sent by the messenger itself, through which it is possible to activate the account on another device.

If she had confirmed the code, the cybercriminals would clone the cell phone and impersonate the victim, using her phone book to apply scams. Suspicious, the user did not inform the requested data even after receiving audio messages asking for confirmation of the numbers.


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