The only country that has taken no precautions for coronavirus: Belarus


While panic is being experienced due to coronavirus epidemic worldwide, Belarus is noteworthy because it does not take any precautions against the epidemic. “There are things like that. The most important thing is not to panic,” said President Lukashenko, of which 86 cases were seen.

After being detected in the city of Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has spread all over the world and has caused 25.035 deaths so far, but there is one country that takes no precautions while all these are happening. The name of the country in question is Belarus.

While serious measures are being taken due to the coronavirus epidemic worldwide, Belarus is noteworthy for not taking any precautions against the epidemic. Despite the fact that 86 cases have been identified in the country so far, President Aleksandr Lukashenko said that they will not take any precautions as a country against coronavirus, saying, “Well, this is the case. The most important thing is not to panic.”

The only European country that does not holiday the football league:
In his statement, Lukashenko told everyone coming from abroad that the test had been done and said “2/3 people a day test positive. These people are quarantined for 1.5 / 2 weeks”. Despite Belarus’s coronavirus epidemic, the fact that it is the only European country that does not holiday the football league in the country has also sparked reactions.

Although the government does not take any precautionary measures, people living in the capital Minsk prefer to stay in their homes for fear of coronavirus. While young people and children did not want to go to their schools, many universities in the country decided to start their classes late in order to ensure the safety of their students due to the intensity of transportation in the morning.

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Coronary virus was detected in 86 people in Belarus. Some local sources claim that 2 people died in the country due to coronavirus but these deaths were not recorded in official records. Aleksandr Lukashenko had previously proposed ‘tractor therapy’ to his citizens to avoid the coronavirus outbreak. According to Lukashenko, the way to get rid of the epidemic was to go to the countryside and work and drive a tractor. “The tractor will heal everyone, the field will heal everyone,” Lukashenko said. Lukashenko was a collective farm manager before the Soviet Union broke up.


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