Countries without a Single Case of Corona Virus


The coronavirus has caused hundreds of thousands of people to fall ill and tens of thousands of lives to date. Although the coronavirus has turned into an epidemic that affects the whole world, some countries have succeeded in protecting it successfully.

The coronavirus outbreak is currently continuing in more than 200 countries. Although more than 800 thousand people around the world are infected with this virus, some countries still have not announced a single case.

According to the statistics site Statista, there are no coronavirus cases in Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Yemen, South Sudan, North Korea, Malawi, Sao Tome and Principe, the Comoros and Lesotho as of April 1.

There are 3 possible reasons why there are no coronavirus cases in these countries. First, there really is no incident. Second, there are not enough tests done in countries and cases cannot be detected. The third is not to explain the detected cases.

The list of countries that do not explain any coronavirus cases, such as Turkmenistan, which prohibits the word coronavirus and even prohibits the public from talking about coronavirus, reveals the diversity of possibilities in this regard.

One side of the fight against the coronavirus is measures to be taken. However, in order to take precautions, the information about the virus outbreak should be shared with the public transparently. In societies where information is stored, it would not be wrong to think that necessary precautions are not taken against the epidemic.

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