Countries with the highest 5G speed!


5G technology, which has been one of the most important issues in the field of technology for the last few years, has started to spread and become available day by day. The countries where 5G is expected to have a direct impact on the development of technology and many different product ranges have been determined. Here are the countries with the highest 5G speed!

Here are the countries with the highest 5G speed!

Thanks to a research conducted by OpenSignal, the countries where 5G technology, which has gradually adapted to our lives, reached the highest speeds, became clear. Here are those countries;

  • Saudi Arabia – 414.2 Mbps
  • South Korea – 312.7 Mbps
  • Australia – 215.7 Mbps
  • Taiwan – 210.2 Mbps
  • Canada – 178.1 Mbps
  • Kuwait – 171.5 Mbps
  • Switzerland – 150.7 Mbps
  • Hong Kong – 142.8 Mbps
  • United Kingdom – 133.5 Mbps
  • Germany – 102 Mbps
  • Netherlands – 79.2 Mbps
  • USA – 50.9 Mbps

Surprising details were also revealed according to the results of the same research. The speed offered by 5G varies from country to country and by operator. In the research, Saudi Arabia ranked first with a speed of 414.2 Mbps, while the USA achieved a speed of 50.9 Mbps, achieving surprising results. Because the 4G speed in Canada, South Korea and the Netherlands is higher than the speed achieved by the USA with 5G.


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