Countries that generate the most electronic waste


Today, there are a lot of technological devices in every home. Although some devices work for a long time, some devices; becomes unusable after a while and now appears as waste.

Although China produces the most electronic waste in the world; To the countries that generate the most electronic waste per capita offered by Statista; When we look at it, Norway is in the front row.

The countries that produce the most electronic waste have been determined

As electronic devices become more and more common in the world around us, the amount of waste these devices generate once they are thrown away is also increasing. It turns out that about 53.6 million tons of waste is generated each year, and countries other than some countries have a much higher share of this waste than others.

The amount of electronic waste generated has increased by 21% in about ten years. The country that produces the most electronic waste globally; China produced about 10.1 million tons last year. However, this figure alone is a bit deceiving because China is the world’s most populous country.

The Chinese generate about 7.2 kilograms of electronic waste per person per year. When we look at the per capita electronic waste in the graph; that’s much less than in countries like Norway, where the average person generates around 26 kilograms of electronic waste.

The vast majority of European and Scandinavian countries generate more than 20 kilograms of waste per person. This means that these countries also have a large share in the production of these wastes.


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