Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 8th Anniversary


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of the most important first-person shooting games of recent years, is celebrating its new age with a new update.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as the last representative of Valve’s long-standing FPS tradition, has been giving players the opportunity to have an enjoyable time for 8 years. The game had tuned over 21 million different players last month.

While a Tweet was posted for the game’s eighth anniversary, a new update was released. CS: GO continues to remain popular with frequent new updates. The build has become more stable with the last update.

CS: GO 8 years old

Counter-Strike game was originally a mode that came with Half-Life game. Later, the production gained a reputation on its own, almost revolutionizing it thanks to its realistic combat mechanics.

The game, which draws a different path for itself in the new versions of Half-Life, has recently taken a new path with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The production was made free to players relatively recently.

While the popularity of the game, which can be accessed for free on the Steam platform, increased during the pandemic period, the game was played by 21 million 271 thousand different players last month. Counter Strike: Global Offensive will continue to be one of the most important games in the field.

CS: GO features of the new update

With the last update released on August 17, the changes in the game were as follows:

The endgame screen will now show which players entered the game as a group.
Average waiting times before matches will now be calculated regionally rather than globally.
Rcon connections will now be performed asynchronously.
Rcon addresses cannot be changed while connected to a dedicated server.
With the newly added “rcon_connected_clients_allow” setting, users can be prevented from connecting to other assigned servers.
Various stability improvements have been made.

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With the new update, although CS: GO has eliminated some problems, a change for the new age celebration has not been observed in the game yet.


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