Counter Strike 1.6’s Totally Free Fan-Made Browser Version Has Been Released


Counter Strike 1.6, one of the most popular games of the Counter Strike series, has been made playable via the internet browser. The fan-made website that brings Counter Strike 1.6 to the browser can be accessed and played for free.

None of us can deny that Counter Strike is one of the best FPS games ever developed. Counter Strike’s great success ensures that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is among the most played games in the world.

Although CS: GO is now among the most popular games in the world, it was among the most popular tactical FPS games in CS 1.6 at the time. A new fan-made website released brings the classic FPS experience of CS 1.6 to internet browsers.

The CS-Online Club website, which allows Counter Strike 1.6 to be played without installation, allows you to play the game in classic CS 1.6 maps simply after logging into one of the servers.

Those who want to play Counter Strike 1.6 over CS-Online Club must register and select the servers they want to play from the servers that exist on the site after entering the site. Accessible servers appear after the registration of the servers. The game is entered by selecting one of the servers here.

On free servers, players can play with random players. Players who want to play the game with their own people must rent a server. Players who prefer paid servers can play the game with friends or players of their own.

CS-Online Club has servers in Russia, Canada, India, USA, Brazil and Germany. Those who want to play Counter Strike 1.6 via the internet browser for free can access the site using the link here.


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