“Could you imagine if…?” Sydney Sweeney Admitted That She Wants to Star in a Romantic Comedy With The Star of “White Lotus”


Sydney Sweeney can be called the “new talent” of Hollywood. The 25-year-old girl became famous thanks to the series “Euphoria” on HBO, and her work on the series of the same production company “White Lotus” cannot be overlooked. And why not? For both series, the actress was nominated for an Emmy Award.


Sweeney played a girl named Olivia Mossbacher, who is in her second year at the White Lotus. Widely known for her bold roles, this time she played a comedy-satirical role in the series. Recently, the actress spoke about a partner in the series, with whom she would like to star in a romantic comedy.

Sydney Sweeney wants to star in a romantic comedy with a film partner

Sydney has worked on the series with many celebrities, including Jennifer Coolidge, Steve Zahn, Alexandra Daddario, Theo James and many others. Her chemistry with Brittany O’Grady, who played her friend Paula, whom she brought with her on vacation, is stunning.

Not so long ago, a native of Washington told about the star of the series, with whom she would like to star in a romantic comedy in the future. Many may think that it will be a male partner, but, surprisingly, it is a woman. The first guess is, of course, O’Grady, who played her best friend, but in fact it’s Jennifer Coolidge.

According to Screen Rant, the star of the movie “Everything Sucks” said: “Can you imagine if I starred in a romantic comedy with Jennifer Coolidge? That would be amazing.” It is noteworthy that Coolidge has a good experience in romcoms such as Legally Blonde and Always Lonely.

Apparently, Sweeney grew up on romcoms and loves them very much. In fact, she recently announced an upcoming romantic comedy with Set It Up actor Glen Powell, directed by Will Gluck.

Other projects she has worked on are Marvel’s Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson. Sweeney will play her friend in the film. In addition, she signed up for Sony Pictures’ adaptation of the famous 1960s erotic sci-fi comic “Barbarella”. She will also be the executive producer of Barbarella.

“Madame Web” will be released in February 2024, and until then you can watch Sidney Sweeney in the Netflix series “Everything Sucks!”.


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