Could there be a “Cold Heart 3”? Here’s what Kristen Bell says


Throughout the years of its existence in the film industry, Disney has always been known for its animated blockbusters. And no animated film has become such a sensation as “Cold Heart”. A theatrical sequel was released back in 2019, but there are still fans who hope for a triquel. So can “Cold Heart 3” really take place? That’s what Kristen Bell says.

Although Kristen Bell already had a successful career as a film and television actress, the “Cold Heart” franchise helped her become a beloved icon. Bell helped to understand who Princess Anne was, and was also able to bring her journey to the screen in films and various short films that have been released over the years. During an appearance on “Good Morning America,” Kristen Bell was asked about Idina Menzel’s recent comments that she was going to return to “Cold Heart 3.” She replied enthusiastically:

You guys can take it, I’d do it in no time. I love this family. Look, if we’re both in business, what are we waiting for?

Do you hear that sound? Generations of fans of “Cold Heart” collectively applaud and sing “Let It Go”. Because although there are no plans for a second animated sequel, Kristen Bell is definitely ready for it. We just need to see if Disney and directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee are interested in continuing the Arrendale story.

Kristen Bell’s comments about “Cold Heart 3” came as she was promoting her new children’s book, “The World Needs More Purple Schools.” At the very end of the interview, it was about the possibility of the release of another film “Cold Heart”, and this, without a doubt, is a question that Bell is constantly asked. While she was joking, saying, “What are we waiting for?” Actress Veronica Mars doesn’t seem to mind the idea of Anna’s third adventure on the big screen.

Disney had a huge success with the first film “Cold Heart”, which inspired the creation of countless merchandise, a Broadway musical and (of course) a theatrical sequel. The latter aspect was a rarity for the studio, but “Cold Heart 2” had another furious box office success and became the second highest-grossing animated film of all time. Thus, it could be assumed that “Mouse House” will be filmed in a triquel, if the filmmakers and actors agree.

With people like Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel seemingly open to another “Cold Heart” movie, it all came down to Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. They methodically approached the first sequel, and Lee, in particular, kept a magazine for months as characters before starting to develop “Cold Heart 2”. We just need to see if another story is begging for this couple. In the finale of the last film, the sisters changed dramatically, and Anna was crowned as the queen of Arendelle. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.