Could Jungkook be the person who debuted “BE”?


‘BE’ is getting closer and closer and now new information has come out as the BTS members continue to work, Jungkook could be the one to interpret the intro.

The members of BTS are finalizing details for the new album ‘BE’, which is their third studio musical project of this 2020. The idols of Big Hit Entertainment have surprised ARMY with some clues for their comeback that make us think that Jungkook would perform the intro.

Not long ago, as Somagnews said, singers and rappers began to share emotional letters for their followers, in a dynamic that they named ‘Dear ARMY’, the texts were posted on different social networks and each one had postcards that identified them .

With each of the details, fans realized that some things from ‘Dear ARMY’ could be related to Jungkook, with BTS’s upcoming comeback and the song ‘Decalcomanie’, a song that was composed by Golden Maknae with the help of RM .

Let’s understand BTS a little more

Why is Jungkook related to ‘Decalcomanie’? The Bangtan Boys usually relate the history of the song with the seven members of BTS, the characters are linked to a universe full of theories, where fans actively participate.

Another detail is that in 2019, it was learned that the Bangtan Boy was working on ‘Decalcomania’, a song authored by the idol that was a collaboration with Namjoon, ARMY thought that the track would be released for the birthday of the minor singer of BTS, without However this never happened.

And the thing is that ‘Decalcomania’ is a pictorial technique that consists of capturing an element in a material and when folding it the result reveals an image that can be interpreted in a different way by the public, such as a mirror effect.

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During the ‘Wings’ era, the Golden Maknae appeared with a butterfly decal, another clue is that the ‘Dear ARMY’ postcards complement each other if you put them together, just like when you join two images using this technique. This mirror effect appears in the conceptual image of ‘BE’.

By putting all these tracks together, BTS fans believe that Jungkook could be the member of the band who is in charge of the intro of ‘BE’ or maybe the song ‘Decalcomania’ is included on the album as part of the tracklist.


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