“Could Bitcoin Become a Globally Recognized Currency?”


Trade legend Peter Brandt asks if Bitcoin can become a globally recognized currency. Peter Brandt, a veteran of commodity trading, recently published a Twitter poll asking if Bitcoin (BTC) could become a globally recognized currency without the helping hand of central banks.

With 14 thousand 665 votes, 46.9 percent of the respondents believe that this will be the case. However, it should be noted that Brandt’s audience is largely Bitcoin advocates, a fact that demonstrates that these results are not very objective. However, the voting is 8 hours from the time of writing.

Entering the commodity trade in 1976, Brandt constantly shares his thoughts with his followers on Twitter with his warm approaches to cryptocurrency. Despite being a “super bull” in Bitcoin, Brandt also maintains a healthy dose of skepticism about the future of the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Brandt said in April that he was questioning Bitcoin.

The Future of the Dollar Is Uncertain

As the Federal Reserve is about to adopt a more flexible stance on inflation, the future of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency is more uncertain than ever. Last month, the trader also said that Bitcoin would not be part of a formulaic global reserve unit that could replace the United States:

“The world can accept a formulaic global reserve unit consisting of USD, JPY, CNH, EUR, CAD, AUD, GBP, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil. Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies WILL NOT be a part of this basket. “

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