Could AirPods technology extend iPhone battery life?


With a new technology, the battery life of the iPhone will increase. The technology in question is known as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP is the protocol required for multimedia communication over the internet. So, what does this have to do with the arrival of iPhones and extending battery life?

Thanks to this technology, the battery life of the iPhone will increase

SIP can enable using multiple functions at the same time and provide more space for more components, which can significantly improve battery life. Apple is also aiming to add new technology for AirPods. This technology, which will combine in-package system and flexible printed circuit boards, will save space.

The aforementioned technology will come to the iPhone, leaving room for a larger battery. Based on this information, a DigiTimes report says the new AirPods technology could also help improve battery life in future iPhones.

It is reported that Apple plans to use SIP as well as FPCB (Flexible circuit boards) for the battery module in the upcoming 5G iPhone‌ models.

Apple, which aims to use these two together, has been working on this point for years. Where is FPCB used? Flexible printed circuit, also known as flexible circuit, is defined as a technology used for electronic circuit assembly by mounting electronic devices on flexible plastic surfaces such as polyimide, transparent conductive polyester film.

What are we talking about? Because Apple recently included the SiP and FPCB combination in its AirPods models, and as a result, it aims to use this duo for 5G iPhones and extend the battery life. You know that iPhones experience significant decreases in battery life, especially in active use. In this way, battery life will be improved.

In addition to this information, there are already reports of Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In these reports, it is stated that Apple has been looking for new systems to use higher capacity batteries for a long time. We do not know if the battery life of the iPhone will increase, but we will see this technology in Apple devices in the future.


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