Costume Company of Chernobyl Drama Will Donate Protective Clothing For Corona Virus


Peris Costumes, the costume design company of Chernobyl, one of the most popular series of last year, will donate many materials such as gloves and protective clothing to fight against coronavirus.

Costume design company Peris Costumes of HBO’s mini-series, which was released last year and remained on the agenda for a long time, announced that it will donate masks, protective clothing and different materials to the staff to combat coronavirus.

The company named Peris Costumes, who designed the highly acclaimed costumes of the HBO series about the Chernobyl disaster on April 26, 1986, said in a statement about the coronavirus epidemic: Peris, who wanted to alleviate the situation caused by COVID-19, went to rearrangement for the production of doctor’s gowns, protective clothing, masks and all other protective materials in their workshops ”.

The Spanish-based company, which has offices in cities such as Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Budapest, Vienna, has announced that it will also donate some of the materials there. Javier Toledo, the general manager of Peris Costumes, said in a statement that these garments can be used in places such as hospitals, police stations and nursing homes. “We hope it will make a modest contribution on behalf of the film industry, television and theater community,” Toledo said in a statement on donation.

What is the latest situation in the coronavirus outbreak?
In the coronavirus epidemic that has influenced the whole world, 1,452,378 official cases have been announced so far. As a result of these cases, 83,615 people died and 308,757 people completely recovered. Currently, there are 401,166 official cases of coronavirus in the USA, where the coronavirus is hit the most. Spain follows the USA with 146,690 cases.

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Italy is one of the countries where coronavirus takes the most lives. In Italy, 17,127 people have died as a result of the coronavirus incident, which has reached 135,586 so far.


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