Cost of Buying Everything on Steam


Ever wondered how much it would cost to buy everything available on Steam? A blog page that is updated on a daily basis answers this question for you, but the answer you get may not be very pleasing.

Steam is currently the world’s largest game library, and there are also expansion packs, books, music and movies on Steam as well as the games themselves. In short, if you are into games, you will surely find something to enjoy on Steam.

But have you ever thought how much you would have to pay if you wanted to buy everything on Steam? In fact, the answer to this question also shows how large a library of content Steam has, as the total price of content on Steam is much, much higher than most of you guessed.

Unlike many platforms, Steam publishes data about games and players publicly, and Chenggang Wang, who compiles this data, shares the total price of all content on Steam on the blog page called Buy All Steam Games, which is updated daily. (The data shows Steam’s US prices)

According to the blog page in question, the price to purchase all content on Steam is $ 521,909.63. Moreover, this is the total value created by taking into account the discounted prices of some content. If all the content on Steam were available for sale without a discount, the price of buying them would be $ 537,192.37.

The change in the total price of Steam content over the past three and a half years

Chenggang Wang’s data unfortunately dates back to April 25, 2017, and we cannot see how much the total price of content on Steam has changed in the more distant past. In addition, the graph shared by Chenggang Wang reveals how much total discount Steam has made during big discounts such as summer and winter discounts.

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When we look at the last big sale period of Steam, we see that the content had a total value of over 500 thousand dollars before the discount period started, and this value decreased to 320-330 thousand dollars during the discount period.


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