Cosplayers who could not go to the fairs organized an event on the Internet

The coronavirus outbreak could not stop cosplayers. Cosplayers from all over the world appeared in their colorful and epic outfits at the April 1 event called BreadCon 2020.

Although all events were canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, cosplayers from all over the world organized an online event and published their colorful photos on April 1. However, this move showed that an event can be held for everyone without large organizations.

Cosplay events were organized not only to display the outfits of popular characters from the entertainment world, but also to make people have fun with their friends. Nevertheless, the event held on the Internet attracted great attention. The virtual cosplay event was called BreadCon 2020 and received more than 1000 posts on Instagram.

In BreadCon 2020, people took on the costumes of anime characters who were running with bread in their mouths that were late for school. Already the event got its name from this trend. In addition, the event’s organizer, gaiuscosplay, established an online aid fund and announced that all revenues will go to the World Health Organization and the United Nations’ COVID-19 aid funds.

Images from the April 1 cosplay event:



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