Cosplay for Legendary Character of Call of Duty, Nikto


A gamer named Inzzen created a highly successful cosplay of Nikto, one of the popular characters of the Call of Duty series. Overcoming a difficult process for this project, the gamer states that his work is unique.

Until today, we have talked about the cosplay project prepared for dozens of video game characters and now we are here with such news. Our real-life video game character is Nikto, which we know from Activision’s popular game series Call of Duty, and we also see it in Modern Warfera, the last game in the series. A gamer managed to bring Nikto to real life.

Nikto is one of the characters most loved by gamers familiar with the Call of Duty series. This character, which we accompany him in many challenging missions, is one of the Spetsnaz operators. Nikto, which has a strong team, also has a feature that leaves its team. The face of this character has suffered a serious deterioration due to the tortures he suffered. However, this situation does not go beyond Nikto’s love of duty.

The cosplay work that was made by a gamer named “Inzzen” reveals how Nikto can be seen in real life. However, this cosplay process was very difficult for Inzzen. Because Inzzen states that he spent 9 hours to create this cosplay. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at Inzzen’s impressive cosplay work.

Introducing cosplay for Nikto
Inzzen stated that the equipment he had the most difficulties in finding in his explanations about this cosplay work was uniform. Expressing that he had a hard time finding this uniform used by Russian pilots, Inzzen stated that this project is unique despite all the difficulties he faced. So how did you find this cosplay work? You can share your ideas with us.

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