Cosplay Attack on Titan turns the incredible body of an Armored Titan into reality


The stunning new Armored Titan cosplay from “Attack of the Titans” brings Eren Jagger’s main rival to life in stunning detail and realism, creating a costume that is as accurate as in the manga, which many guessed was impossible.

The Armored Titan is one of the Nine Titans that were created after Ymir Fritz, the Founding Titan, died and her remains were eaten by her daughters. As the name suggests, the body of an Armored Titan is covered with areas of skin similar to armor that allow it to withstand an incredible amount of stress and damage without hindering its combat capabilities. He also has the ability to “harden” his fingers and toes, giving him razor-sharp, clawed abilities. Despite his armor, the titan is incredibly fast and agile.

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In a post on the Reddit r/cosplay group page, Belgian cosplayer Hartigan Cosplay demonstrated an exceptionally realistic Armored Titan costume. The suit, which Hartigan explains is made of latex, padding foam and expanding foam, includes the legendary glowing eyes of an Armored Titan and a movable jaw with teeth. Fans will note the importance of the Armored Titans’ jaw, as Rainer used it to bite Eren out of the Attacking Titan and avoid imminent defeat during their first fight. The creator says in the comments below the video that it took a staggering 350 hours to create, but this level of commitment is evident in the final product.

In an incredible example of the attention to detail Hartigan Cosplay used to create the model, the costume also includes the telltale release of steam from the mouth of an Armored Titan. By including this trait, Hartigan draws attention to one of the key differences between the anatomy of the Armored Titan, with the exception of its hardened skin, and the anatomy of the other Nine Titans. Because of their size, Titans are prone to overheating during operation. To cool down, they release steam from their body. However, due to its armored skin, the Armored Titan cannot let off steam from its body. Instead, he is forced to let off steam from his mouth, which gives him the ability to release scorching clouds against his enemies.

Despite the softness of the materials used to make the suit, Hartigan Cosplay nevertheless conveys the hardened skin of the Armored Titan, which makes it such an effective combat weapon for Marley and a strong opponent against the Attacking Titan Eren. This cosplay of an Armored Titan from Attack of the Titans, with its steam, working jaw and shocking fidelity to the source material, is a version of a terrifying creature that fans probably thought they would never see.


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