Cosmonauts in trouble in unlucky night on the ISS


Imagine yourself on an unlucky day when it would be inevitable to think, “Why did I get out of bed?” Now, consider that you would have no way of going back to it, because, guess what, you would be floating in the Universe.

The crew of the International Space Station knows what that is, as things got really complicated over there one night – and problems arose in a sequence similar to the domino pieces lined up falling one after the other. Before anything, nothing much happened and everyone is fine. They even arrived on our planet today.

First, a toilet located in the Russian section of the facility stopped working. Anatoly Ivanishin, a cosmonaut, reported the case to Earth controllers. They, in turn, suspected that an air bubble had formed in the system – and the issue was resolved without the need for a plumber to go there. Still, it would be possible for Ivanishin to use the Soyuz-MS-16 spacecraft compartment, attached to the ISS, to alleviate his needs – or even take the opportunity to see the $ 23 million luxury “trunk” of his American neighbor.

In the worst case, if there was no alternative, diapers would be at your disposal. Okay, he’s used to it. It was with them that I counted when walking at night, with my feet in infinity. Now, it would be worrying if oxygen was lacking. Yeah … Yeah!

Lack of problem? No way

That same night, the Russian oxygen supply system crashed for the second time in a week. The water used to produce the gas has run out. Okay, another successful repair, but let’s face it, even if there is another piece of equipment there, from NASA, capable of sustaining the lives of six people, knock on the door of the colleague to be able to breathe (especially when, I don’t know, there is a rivalry between those involved) is somewhat depressing. If the air ran out, a few scattered tanks would save them from trouble.

Once the tension is over, it is an ideal time to have a snack and sleep. That is, if the oven specially built for space meals had not broken. Yes, what was bad could get worse. And it got worse.

A few more bad words, more problems to solve. Fortunately, everything went well. A spokesman for the Russian space agency Roscosmos said: “All systems at the station are operating normally. There is no danger to the safety of the crew and the ISS journey.”


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