Corsair Introduces Two New Entry-Level Gaming Mice


US-based hardware manufacturer Corsair has introduced its new wired and wireless Qatar Pro mice for those looking for entry-level gaming mice. Although both mice generally have the same features, the preference was left to the players.

Corsair, a hardware manufacturer familiar to gamers, has added two new members to its entry-level gaming mice today. Corsair introduced the wireless gaming mouse Qatar Pro and a wired version of this model. While both models have the same features, the choice is up to the players’ choice.

Corsair’s new wireless gaming mouse has been introduced as a model that many gamers will love with its PixArt PMW3325 optical sensor. The wireless mouse offers a wide range of gamers with a sensitivity of 10,000 DPI. However, the Slipstream wireless technology in the mouse makes the mouse indistinguishable from wired mice.

New wired and wireless Corsair Qatar Pro:

Although gamers think wireless mice have more latency than wired mice, these thoughts are slowly disappearing. Corsair’s new gaming mouse also makes you forget that thought. Wireless Qatar Pro makes no difference with a response time of less than 1 millisecond.

The new wired and wireless Qatar Pro gaming mice will be available to gamers with six programmable buttons and three DPI presets. The wireless model will last up to 135 hours with a single AA battery. The wireless model will weigh around 96 grams and have dimensions of 64.2 x 115.8 x 37.8 millimeters.

Corsair Qatar Pro’s wired model will come with less weight. The ultra-light gaming mouse will weigh only 69 grams. Unlike the wireless model, the wired model has a sensitivity level of 12,400 DPI, but all the remaining features will be the same.

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The wireless model of the Corsair Qatar Pro, a model that will be desired by those who do not want to spend a lot of money on gaming mice, will find buyers from today with a price tag of $ 39.99. The price tag of the wired model has not yet been announced. However, it is not known when the mouse will be released.


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