Corsair Announces Calculator-like Gaming Mouse Scimitar RGB Elite


Corsair announces the new gaming mouse Scimitar RGB Elite, which directly targets MOBA and MMORPG players. With the new mouse, it will be possible to assign macros to the mouse buttons and use these shortcuts within the game.

The journey of computer acting has been quite adventurous and full of ups and downs, but today it is recognized and respected worldwide. Games and player equipment are now a huge market and this market has its own actors.

One of these actors is Corsair. The brand, which has been on the market for a long time, introduced a new gaming mouse that specifically appeals to MOBA and MMORPG players. The name of the mouse is specified as Scimitar RGB Elite.

Announced on social media
The announcement of the new mouse was made from Corsair’s social media accounts. The company showed that he trusted the new gaming mouse with his name. Corsair (Pirate) named the mouse Scimitar (Pala), known as the weapon of pirates.

On the side of the mouse, which has 17 keys in total, there is a 12-key pad on which various ‘macros’ can be assigned. Although the design of the keys here and the texts on them resemble the home phones of the 1990s, the mouse ensures that the players can feel every key and use the right button.

Although MOBA and massive online role-playing games are the target of the mouse, macro keys can also be used for other programs or games. The new mouse also comes with Corsair’s Key Slider control system. So players can move the keypad forward or backward and tilt it up to 8mm.

Features of Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite
Social media posts and images shared by Scimitar show us the features of the new gaming mouse. The mouse features are as follows:

18,000 DPI optical sensor
1 DPI resolution step
17 keys
50 million clicks rate
4 RGB lighting zones
Customizable lights

The price of the mouse was announced as $ 79.99. You can watch the video where the mouse is introduced below.


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