Correos App: how to get an appointment to vote by mail?


Correos: Although we are still immersed in a global pandemic, the political process does not stop – and even less in this environment of constant tension. On May 4, regional elections to the Madrid Assembly will be held. And since we are in the situation we are in, the political process adapts to it.

Regional Elections to the Madrid Assembly May 4

Don’t want to leave home on Election Day and prefer to vote by Mail? You can do it and also in two ways:

– Via Telematics

– Via physical Post Office

We are going to tell you both, although theirs is telematics, since that way you do not need to leave or go to a Post office to validate the process.

Voting request by electronic mail

Voters can request their vote through the Correos website (, without having to go in person to a post office. According to Correos, this application model “avoids travel and minimizes social contact.” The electronic application for voting by Mail for the elections to the Madrid Assembly 2021 is available at this link

Those interested must prove their personality by electronic signature, accepting as valid identification systems the certificates of natural person recognized by the Ministry of Industry and the electronic DNI (DNI-e, the DNI that you have in your wallet or bag and that you carry in the same card an electronic chip with your data). Voters requesting a vote by mail cannot vote in person at the polling station.

Carrying out it this way involves two situations:

– If you are going to use DNI-e, you must have a card reader connected to the computer

– If you are going to use a Valid Digital Certificate, you must have it installed on your computer.

If you do not have / can do any, then you will not be able to request it electronically and you will have to go to a Post office.


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