Correios want to install ‘Amazon lockers’ in SP and RJ


In order to facilitate the delivery of products purchased over the internet to consumers who live in hard-to-reach regions or who wish to receive them in places close to their work, for example, the Post Office installed a smart cabinet – also called a locker – in Paranoá, administrative region of the Federal District, at the end of October.

Now, the company has entered into an expansion phase of the initiative and launched a notice of accreditation of suppliers that can manufacture this device very similar to the well-known “Amazon lockers”.

Like the “rookie”, which has 40 drawers of varying sizes and, according to the company, serves 6 thousand families, the idea is that the customer should consult the device that is closest to the desired place and insert the information in the delivery address. , along with the CPF or CNPJ number.

After the purchase arrives, an SMS with withdrawal instructions is sent to the buyer, as well as the code that will give access to the panel and that must be entered into the device within three consecutive days – at no additional cost.

Expansion of the initiative

With the contracting of suppliers, the plans involve the installation of devices in shopping malls, subway stations, bus stations and the like, where there is a large circulation of people in the cities of Rio de Janeiro (whose first unit will start operating this month) and São Paulo – regions covered by the public notices issued.

In 2021, they are expected to reach all of Brazil. To this end, it is the responsibility of the contractors to provide all the necessary infrastructure for the operation of the lockers, such as physical space, electricity, cleaning and maintenance, “according to the basic project and other conditions of the notice and its annexes”, inform the Correios.


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