Coronavirus:Vaccination in Brazil should occur early 2021


According to the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, in an interview with Jornal da Itatiaia, from Minas Gerais, immunization against the coronavirus should be available to Brazilians in early 2021, more precisely in January. The estimate was made based on the production capacity of the Butantan Institute, responsible for testing the vaccine of Chinese Sinovac Biotech.

For this, however, it is necessary that the tests involving CoronaVac (from Sinovac) and the immunization developed by the University of Oxford give good results, since its tests should end in October, with an authorization from Anvisa on an emergency basis being issued in December, which would authorize its distribution in the population in early 2021.

CoronaVac is currently in the third testing phase with 9,000 volunteers in Brazil alone. The governor stated in an interview with Jornal da Itatiaia:

“The vaccine can already start to be produced, with the authorization of Anvisa, at the most in the first days of December. And the amount necessary to start the immunization of the Brazilian population, can be applied in early January with SUS, with application free in the entire population. The best news we could have is the vaccine. ”

Speaking of quantity, currently Butantan can produce 120 thousand doses, but the Government of SP has started a campaign of donations that should invest R $ 130 million in the Institute to double this capacity. Fiocruz estimates that it will deliver 100 million doses of the vaccine developed in Oxford early next year.

Doria also estimated that if there are no delays in the testing, release and immunization stages of the population, everyone will be able to return to normal in April 2021. However, it is worth saying that it is necessary to consider, after all, the last phase of testing involves exposing the volunteers who received the placebo and the virus vaccine to test its effectiveness and this phase may take longer than expected.


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