Coronavirus: wants world alliance with Brazil for vaccine


One of the main focuses of contemporary science is still the creation of a form of immunization against Covid-19. Now, a project wants to generate a worldwide alliance of vaccines that protect against the new coronavirus. He received the name ACT and should have 25 members, with Brazil included.

Among the objectives of the initiative are the agility of research for diagnosis and treatment in patients with the disease, in addition to coordinating the distribution of the vaccine as soon as it becomes available to the general public.

The other possible members will also have the presence of the United States, although it is still unclear how the country’s participation will be, since President Donald Trump had already declared that the American nation would leave WHO – the one responsible for coordinating the project.

ACT aims to prevent a race for immunization and an “economic war” between countries, which could result in the lack of application in places with a poorer population.

Therefore, the plan would be to immunize about 3% of the citizens of all members at the first moment – those frontline workers in the fight against the pandemic. In a second step, the share of the vaccinated population would be 20%, with the inclusion of the elderly and people with chronic diseases among those protected.

It won’t be free

Joining the group will not mean having vaccines for free. In the case of Brazil, which is classified as a middle-income country, it will be necessary to pay to have access to vaccines. Only the first installment would be 15% of the final amount.

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According to the director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom, financing is necessary because the agency has only 10% of the total amount needed. He still says that the vaccines would require US $ 100 billion in total.


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