Coronavirus update to Apple Maps!


Google and Facebook have appeared before users with new updates on coronavirus in recent weeks. Informing users about vaccination, Apple added a feature to the Maps application where users can see the vaccination centers.

To increase competition with applications such as Google Maps and Yandex Maps, Apple continues to work on the map application. Apple, which recently leaked a new feature for the busy situation of businesses, is taking serious steps in the fight against coronavirus.

Apple Maps will show you where to get coronavirus vaccine

It is not yet known when the occupancy status feature detected by a Reddit user will be available to the end user. It is thought that the feature will be activated during the next iOS Beta period.

The whole world, especially state institutions and large companies, continues to take more stringent measures to combat coronavirus. Companies have extended the remote system indefinitely to contribute to slowing the spread of the virus. Companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple support the vaccination process with the features they have developed in addition to the measures they take.

Sharing information about coronavirus test sites and coronavirus restrictions with users, Apple Maps has activated its new feature. First active for US users, the feature emerged in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital. The vaccine map feature developed using the VaccineFinder system was presented to the users.

Thanks to the developed feature, users can see the vaccination centers through the Apple Maps application. In addition, users who want to ask “Where can I get the COVID vaccine? ”By asking the question, it can choose the most suitable location among 20 thousand vaccination centers.

Stating that the vaccine centers on the maps are limited to 20 thousand for now, the officials said that this number will increase in a short time. The company stated that they think the speed of vaccination will increase with the new feature.

When users click on the locations specified for the vaccine, they can see their working hours, addresses, phone numbers and registration link.


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