How is coronavirus transmitted? WhatsApp from the Ministry of Health clears doubts


The Ministry of Health launched a bot on WhatsApp this Thursday (26) to answer questions about the new coronavirus. The tool consists of an automatic answer that answers the user’s questions according to the numbers sent in the messaging application. The offer of questions allows us to question how Sars-Cov-2 (the virus that causes the disease) is transmitted, gives recommendations on how to act in case of suspected Covid-19, teaches how to prevent and deny rumors about the coronavirus.

To access the bot, you must say “hi” to the WhatsApp number of the Ministry of Health (61) 9938-0031. It is also possible to talk to the institution from the direct address of the campaign:

Then, an automatic response will appear on the cell phone screen, with ten options of topics about the pandemic, such as transmission and symptoms of the coronavirus. Just enter the number for the subject you want, from one to ten, and the requested information will be made available in the WhatsApp conversation. Health professionals also have a specific topic for guidance in suspected cases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) made available, last week, a bot on WhatsApp to answer questions about the new coronavirus. The feature is only available in English, and works in a similar way to the automatic attendance of the Ministry of Health in Brazil. The contact happens when talking to the number 41 22 501 75 96 on WhatsApp. The WHO bot, for example, is capable of reporting the number of coronavirus cases worldwide, and how many deaths have occurred so far.

Other measures by the Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health also has another WhatsApp number to deal exclusively with combating disinformation about the coronavirus. The channel (61) 99289-4640 serves to verify the veracity of texts and images that circulate on social networks.

In the fight against the new coronavirus, the Ministry of Health launched stickers for WhatsApp this month. The sticker pack can be downloaded using the app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. “We are together against the coronavirus”, “wash your hands”, “disinfect frequently used objects” and “seek medical help” are examples of awareness phrases on the stickers.

The Ministry of Health application Coronavirus SUS, launched last month, also seeks to deny fake news about Covid-19 and helps citizens with suspected cases of the new coronavirus.


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