The Coronavirus Tracking System Developed by Apple and Google will be Available for Play Store


It has become clear how to use the coronavirus tracking system developed by Google and Apple on Android phones. Android phones will receive the tracking app and updates via Google Play.

The details of the coronavirus tracking system developed by Apple and Google started to become clear. Android smartphones that will use the coronavirus tracking system will receive updates via Google Play. To use the system, it will be necessary to use a phone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above.

How the developed system will be deployed on Android phones has been a question mark until this time. Currently, the safest way to deploy the system on Android phones and software updates seems to be Google Play. Non-Google Play possibilities may have to be stuck with manufacturers’ update delays.

What about Android phones that can’t use Google services?
Using Google Play on Android phones for the coronavirus tracking system once again brings up the problem of Android phones that cannot use Google services. Currently, Huawei recently released Android phones are available to users without Google services.

Using Google Play for the coronavirus tracking system means Huawei’s phones without Google services and other Android phones without Google services will not use this system.

Google and Apple are planning to publish a special framework to help companies who cannot use the Google service to overcome this problem, to use the coronavirus tracking system. The use of the system after the release of the framework will be at the discretion of companies that cannot use Google services such as Huawei.

Apple and Google continue to work on the development of the coronavirus tracking system. The first API of the system will be published in the coming weeks. Following the first API, after the second API comes, this system will be used in Android and iOS smartphones in the middle of May.


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