Coronavirus: The third foreigner testing the vaccine in Brazil


Currently, two vaccines developed by companies abroad are being tested in Brazil. One is the vaccine produced by the University of Oxford in partnership with the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. It even arrived in Brazil at the beginning of June for tests with volunteers in the city of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The other is CoronaVac, which is produced by the Chinese laboratory Sinovac, and has already been approved by Anvisa for testing in Brazil and will be tested in the state of São Paulo.

Now, another foreign pharmaceutical company should start a testing phase in Brazil. This is the American Pfizer, who announced almost two weeks ago that the tests carried out during the current phase showed positive results in combating the new coronavirus.

The testing phase of the Pfizer BNT162b vaccine in Brazil will mark the last stage of clinical trials of the immunizer. If it shows positive results again, the vaccine could start to be produced later this year, with a forecast for the manufacture of 100 million doses, which should immunize 50 million people in the United States, since the administration of two doses is necessary. in each person.

Next year, Pfizer estimates a production of 1.3 billion doses of the vaccine, which, this time, may be distributed in more countries. It is worth mentioning that, if the results of the tests reach the expected, Pfizer expects to register the immunizer with the North American regulatory agency by the month of October.

Her tests in Brazil are expected to take place in the cities of São Paulo and Salvador with about a thousand volunteers divided between the two municipalities. So far there are no details on when this testing phase will begin.

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