Coronavirus Supported Crypto Money Launched

CoronaCoin (NCOV), which has an interesting concept, was launched. The crypto currency was introduced with the announcement made on Reddit. This coin will be indexed to coronavirus. In short, the more the virus spreads, the more the cryptocurrency will be valued.

Unfortunately coronavirus continues to spread, and more countries are taking serious measures to control this disease. While the tragic effect on human health continues, the virus has also affected the cryptocurrency world. The market has recently seen the birth of CoronaCoin, a coronavirus-backed token.

Creation of Coronavirus Supported Money
The day before, coronavirus supported coin was announced to the world with Reddit post. It is reported that CoronaCoin (NCOV) will have an ERC-20 token (Ethereum based).

According to the website, the main purpose of this cryptocurrency is to spread awareness. The team that put forward the project proportioned the first supply to the world population. This figure will be constantly updated. It is stated that the supply will decrease according to the number of people affected or killed by the virus. However, the appreciation of money due to the decrease in supply caused people to look at the coin with suspicion. So it seems that people will die from this virus will please investors. This causes controversy over whether it is ethical or not.

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