Coronavirus: States to receive new masks announced


In mid-June, Santander Brasil and Vivo joined forces and announced the import of 200 respirators from China, which would be donated to hospitals to combat the advancement of the new coronavirus in Brazil.

Now, with the new arrival of the equipment in the country, the institutions have disclosed where the devices will be destined. According to information from the partnership, eight Brazilian states will benefit from the products, which will be donated to the public health network.

The most benefited states will be São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which will receive 50 respirators each. The states of Pernambuco, Roraima, Amapá and Ceará will receive 20 each. Finally, the Holy Spirit will receive 15 and Acre, 5.

It is important to highlight that, despite receiving more equipment, the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are the two most affected by the disease in death numbers in the country. While the first records 13,348, the second has already reached 22,710 deaths. They are followed by Ceará, which has already recorded 7,661 loss of life due to the disease. These data are updated based on the latest figures released by Conass late yesterday afternoon, July 30.

The choice of states to receive respirators was made in conjunction with the state health departments, so that the devices serve the regions most affected by Covid-19.

For Vivo, the import of respirators is yet another support measure to fight the virus. In May, the company announced a donation of R $ 16.3 million for actions to combat the disease. Santander has already donated 5 million rapid tests, 15 million masks and has also signed a partnership with Itaú and Bradesco for the allocation of respirators and hospital supplies to health units in the country.

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