Why Coronavirus Has Spread So Fast Revealed With A New Study


With the new study of Japanese scientists, a new route of contamination was discovered that explains how the coronavirus has spread so quickly. According to the research, coronavirus is spreading to more people thanks to micro-droplets that remain in the air for a long time.

The coronavirus, first seen in China in December 2019, continues to spread without slowing down today. Although governments and individuals around the world are taking extensive measures against coronavirus, the virus is becoming more and more common in every day. Here’s a study that could explain the reason for this situation, was recently shared by Japanese scientists.

As a result of the work of Japanese scientists, the coronavirus’s different way of spreading was uncovered. The important result achieved by scientists’ work may play a very important role in preventing the spread of coronavirus in the coming weeks.

Coronavirus is spreading more thanks to micro-droplets:
According to the information learned about coronavirus to date, the virus was transmitted to another person for two reasons. The first of these reasons was when a person came into contact with a virus-bearing person, and the second was droplets scattered around through cough and sneezing. The third way of transmission is micro droplets.

According to Kazuhiro Tateda, Chairman of the Infectious Diseases Association of Japan, micro droplets can carry the virus to another person when people are close to each other. So even when people are talking to each other and even just standing next to each other, the virus can spread to a healthy person.

The researchers turned their eyes to new spreading mechanisms to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. If the virus can be transmitted even during chat or standing side by side, as we have just mentioned, the propagation mechanisms available cannot explain this situation.

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If the new spreading mechanism introduced by Japanese researchers is approved by healthcare institutions, this will bring new measures to prevent the coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, the importance of the social isolation measure we take today will increase even more.

How long are the micro droplets floating?
According to a documentary prepared by NHK, when a person coughs in a closed environment, 100,000 drops can be scattered in just a few seconds. Large droplets fall from the air after 20 – 30 seconds, while micro droplets hang in the air longer. You can watch the video below to watch the documentary prepared by NHK and to find out more about the newly discovered way of spreading:


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