The coronavirus soon replaced by the hantavirus?


As COVID-19 spreads quickly, a new virus destroys human health. It is about the “Hanta Virus” which already made a death. The world is bad. And human health takes a hit! While the coronavirus is on a historic scale, a new disease has killed a man in China . This is the Hanta Virus.

Today, the Covid-19 pandemic affects 169 countries around the world . According to AFP information, there are a total of 382,000 people infected. And 16,587 dead.

The city of Wuhan in China is no longer the epicenter of the virus. On the contrary, the Chinese state is even preparing to lift the containment measures. Individuals have therefore regained good health.

Unfortunately, the virus is spreading in Europe. The continent has therefore become the cradle of the disease. And for good reason ! Italy is the second most affected country in the world. And France is not far behind with 19,856 cases.

State measures are strict. Containment is therefore a priority. Staying at home has never been more important. It is therefore a question of saving lives , and preserving the health of others !

But as the whole world is frightened by the scale of the coronavirus pandemic, another viral disease has appeared… It too could be very dangerous. Or even contaminate much of the planet ! It is then the Hantavirus. A new obstacle to human health.

Unlike COVID-19, hantavirus is not spread by physical contact. But rather by contact with rats.

The symptoms resemble those of the coronavirus : fever, nausea and headache … But also muscle pain. The latter has already killed one man in China! The man was then on a bus in Shandong Province. East of China. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

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As a precaution, the 32 other passengers on the bus were therefore tested. None had contracted the virus. And that’s not all ! In Argentina, 14 people died from the Hanta virus last January.

One thing is certain! In this very difficult period, the announcement of a new virus therefore caused great panic.


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