Coronavirus: Searches for vaccine soar in the last week


The beginning of vaccination against Covid-19 in Brazil has aroused the curiosity of Internet users since before the beginning of applications. According to Google, vaccine searches have skyrocketed in the past seven days.

Among the highlights of the growth of terms in Busca, are “anvisa decides to authorize emergency use of vaccines against covid-19” (sudden increase), “vaccinometer” (+ 3,500%) and “anvisa approves emergency use of vaccines against covid-19 in brazil ”(+ 2,600%).

“Vaccination” was the highest term on “vaccination plan”, with a sudden increase – that is, more than 5,000% – in the last week. This is justified by the fact that “Vacina Já” is the name of the website launched by the Government of São Paulo this Sunday (17th), for pre-registration of people able to receive the immunizer.

Among the doubts on the rise – with the terms “when” and “covid” – the leadership is the question “when the fiocruz should start producing the vaccine at the University of Oxford”, with a growth of more than 5,000% in the period.

Searches by states

Google Trends also divided searches for the term “vaccine” by states across the country. In these last seven days, the states with records of research on the subject were Rio Grande do Norte, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Distrito Federal and Amazonas.

The data comes from the Covid-19 vaccine insights center, created last Friday (15) by Google Trends. The last check was carried out at 4 pm on Monday (18). Not much has been sought on the subject since 2004, the beginning of the Trends series.

Are you one of the people who has been researching vaccine for the past few days? Report to us in the space below.


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